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Coats Protect Range

Coats Protect Range is an innovative family of solutions for threads and yarns.

With the Protect Range you can achieve enhanced protection from Coats ProtectV powered by HeiqViroblock, Coats Protect+ which is an inherent anti-microbial solution, or Coats Protect which is an anti-microbial. These solutions allow manufacturers to deliver peace of mind while enhancing product capabilities in many different applications, including military, medical PPE, athletic wear, and outdoor goods.

Sewing thread hazmat suits

Coats ProtectV

Coats ProtectV powered by Heiq Viroblock provides a crucial line of defense for your fabrics and seams.

  • Powered by HeiQ Viroblock technology, an innovative Swiss technology that combines advanced silver based on recycled silver and vesicle technology based on cosmetic grade liposome
  • Specially finished to deliver outstanding sewing performance in the most demanding applications with the added benefit of self-sanitising properties
  • Epic ProtectV is non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • The high strength polyester filament core allows the use of finer thread sizes, giving better seam appearance without compromising seam strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance

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Coats Protect+

Coats Protect+ yarns deliver an inherent anti-microbial solution providing all-day freshness and enhanced functionality.

  • Inherent anti-microbial solutions that boost protection against microbes
  • No topical treatment
  • Does not wash out and strengthens product longevity
  • Provides peace of mind and enhances your product capabilities
  • Global sourcing and availability

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Workwear and uniforms - Work Dresses

Coats Protect

Coats Protect delivers an anti-microbial finish that inhibits the growth of odour and stain-causing bacteria around the seam.

  • Enhances protection against microbes
  • Helps prevent product deterioration
  • Fights mould and mildew
  • Stain resistant
  • Inhibits bacteria that causes odour
  • No residue

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